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New Year Winter Beauty

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Because it’s New Year and I’m all about reflecting and planning, I’ve been listening to loads of music whilst i’m out here. My headphones are from Claires and I just fell in love with the design. The sound is pretty good considering how affordable they are too. My diary is from Paperchase. It was a present and I just love the glitter on it. I’ve written down so many goals and hopes for next year, mainly to take more time with family and to relax more. Life is so precious, make the most of every moment. So i’ll leave you with this quote. I have realised in 2015 I’ve held on to a lot that perhaps hasn’t been good for me. Stress from work, friendships that haven’t been that good, feelings about love that can’t be changed. So as hard as it is, 2016 for me is going to be all about letting go and moving forward. Here’s to the year of letting go and embracing the ‘right now’. What’s your favourite quote? Becky xxx

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