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Get Ready With Me for the BAFTAs!

60 sekunden handel tipps Now I know I get excited about a lot of things but this was literally one of the best days of my life! It has always been my dream to go to the BAFTAs, I love the British film and TV industry and it’s always been something I’ve watched every year.

http://avpsolutions.com/blog/merchant-card-processors-evaluating-card-processors/ So finally my dream did come true and I went along with Mark Hill for the night. My dad would have been beaming with excitement too. He worked in the TV industry and I know he would have been texting me all night so I had his ring on and felt he was there. I was so excited about getting ready for the evening, luckily there was help on hand! I went for a smokey eye look which was done by MAC and the amazing team at Mark Hill gave me red carpet ready curls that kept up the volume all night long! I filmed the whole thing so you guys could come with me. The highlight of the night was definitely getting a selfie with Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad. I’m almost at the end of the series and love him as an actor he is just fab! So come and party with me, here’s the video! Love Becky x

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Get Ready With Me: The USA

Stock option 83 b election My favourite part of doing YouTube is when I get to actually meet you guys and have lots of girlie chats and hugs! You’re awesome and are such an inspiration to me, so going to Vidcon this year in LA was top on my list to do because I’d never been! It was so great to be there and see lots of you at the meet up.

opzioni binarie dove si puó depositare con paysafecard get ready la

follow link I got to spend lots of time in the sunshine and packed my favourite products and outfits to wear each day! I thought it would be fun to film a video showing you how I get ready for an event like this. I want my hair looking good, my makeup to last all day so that we can take lots of selfies and an outfit that is going to be both comfy and cute! I hope you enjoy the video, there’s lots of sunshine! What’s your favourite thing to wear to an all day event? Did any of you guys meet me there? Don’t forget you can subscribe here! Love Becky x



June Beauty Favourites!

Where has June gone?! No seriously!! I think being away in LA for a few weeks meant I lost all sense of time and I kinda feel like it flew by! Monthly favourites videos are some of my faves to film and this month was no exception. One of the things I picked was a retro radio that I actually wrote a whole post about because I loved it so much, and another was a new candle that has fast become my all-time favourite which you can buy here. It’s INCREDIBLE!!

retro radio love

june faves2

Besides from products I’d been so excited about posting this video for a number of reasons. Last month you might remember me teaming up with BeatBullying and asking you guys to sign up. The response was incredible and I list my giveaway winners in the video. Also, I posted this photo on twitter…


Literally thousands of you retweeted this photo and the support for the charity was immense. I can’t thank you enough and together we have made big strides to help stand up against bullying. It’s something close to my heart and I want to try and help those of you that I know are going through a tough time. Check out the end of the video which is an extra big thank you to you guys, you rock!!!! Don’t forget to subscribe here! Love Becky x


Top 10 Products UK vs US!

If I wasn’t missing the USA enough then I am now writing this post! I had the best time out in LA seeing all the girls, and got to spend time with my lovely friend Nikki Phillippi. She is genuinely one of the nicest, bubbliest people I have ever met and I always leave smiling when I’ve seen her.

We’ve put together our top 10 products, putting the UK and USA to the test. Some are just available from where we are from, but there are others that you can buy in both countries so it’s hopefully a nice mix! Here’s a sneaky peak of some of the products that we chose…a face oil that you’re going to fall in love with and a body butter that smells absolutely incredible!!

nikki pic4

We filmed a video over on Nikki’s channel too which you can watch here, and if you’re not already subscribed to her then you can check her out here. She is just awesome you’ll love her! What’s your favourite UK and USA product? What do you wish we could buy here in the UK or vice versa? Happy watching! Love Becky x <!– WGCC115 –>


My Top Festival Beauty Essentials!

It’s that time of year again, the summer sun is here and it’s officially festival season! Time to get the wellies and sunglasses at the ready and party in the sunshine! Now I don’t know about you, but when I’m at festivals or ‘Glamping’…glamorous camping….I have a fail-safe list of products that I take away with me to keep me feeling human! I hate that grubby feeling after a long day in a field and so I’ve picked out a few products that I know will keep my hair healthy, skin looking fresh and give me that ‘no-makeup’ makeup look.

festival fin

Among my festival heroes are of course face wipes, which for me double up as a body wipe too! I’ve made sure I’ve got sun protection covered, whilst also giving me a bit of colour and sparkle….even in a field I just can’t resist some glitter! There’s also a bb cream that’s totally blown me away, bearing in mind I’ve never been a fan of bb or cc at all! So i’ll leave the rest as a surprise, you can check out my faves in the video below. What products do you take when you go camping or to a festival? What do you think about Glamping, have you ever done it? Party hard peeps and enjoy the sunshine! Love Becky x


What’s in My Bag!

What’s in my bag videos are some of my favourite to watch on YouTube, mainly because I can be nosey and I love seeing what other girls carry around with them!! Whilst I’ve been away in LA I’ve been spending some girlie time with my gorgeous friend Elle Fowler. She is one of my favourite people to be around and is just so lovely and fun to be with. If you’re not already subscribed to her you can check her out here. I think you’ll love her as much as I do!

elle pic5

We decided to film a couple of videos while we were together and you can have a good snoop around my Rebecca Minkoff mini mac and her Chanel bag – I had total bag envy the whole way through the video!! We also filmed a top 10 under 10 on Elle’s channel which you can check out here. There are lots of minis and makeup and a few embarrassing photos of me that pop up too! What’s your favourite bag to take away? Do you have any minis that fit nicely into your handbag that I would love? Happy watching! Love Becky x


Beauty Haul with FleurDeForce!

Friends are my absolute world and I love nothing more than travelling to the sunshine with my bestie Fleur De Force! I look forward to our trips away so much because it’s like having a girlie sleepover every night! And of course we always hit the shops in LA, HARD! This time we shopped well and truly until we dropped on a big beauty haul. First on the list was Sephora, of course, and I picked up a concealer I’ve been dying to try. I also picked up a few bits that Fleur recommended, that’s the best bit about shopping with friends when you can share your favourite products! Dying at this screen shot, I love this girl haha!

fleur new

One of my favourite shops out there is Bath and Body Works and they had a huge sale so we did a bit of damage there. I’ll leave the rest as a surprise in the video below, make sure you check out Fleurs video too here and if you’re not subscribed to my chummy then make sure you check her out here. I think you’ll love her just as much as I do! What are your favourite American brands? Have you been shopping there lately? Oh and tweet any funny screenshots to us! (@talkbeckytalk) Hugs from the sunshine! Love Becky x


Roberts – Retro Radio Love

Music makes my world go round, add a little bit of retro and I’ve found my perfect match! If you’ve watched my home tour videos you’ll know how my cottage is filled with all things shabby chic. So when I stumbled across this Roberts radio, it was love at first sight!

I’d been looking for something like this for a while. I find it hard to get motivated some mornings and someone suggested I buy a radio to listen to first thing. This might sound a little exaggerated, but this radio has literally changed my life. I had no idea how much much has the ability to affect my mood, and now my mornings start so much better!

I picked this little beauty up online from John Lewis, but it’s available to buy in a number of other shops too. What I love about the Roberts range, alongside the nostalgia of the look, is the quality. The leather is so soft and stitched beautifully. The sound is so crisp and clear too. They come in a range of colours, so whatever colour scheme you’ve got going on they’ve got it covered! I’m obsessed with pastels and this light green features heavily throughout my cottage so it was a no brainer for me. They also do a few funky designs including dogs and union jacks.

The price tag is pretty hefty, this one set me back £159, but in my opinion it was worth every pound. I know this will last me a lifetime and will travel from home to home, putting me in the best of moods when I wake up. So it seems music really does make my world go round, retro radio love indeed.


How To Get Thick Hair

My hair has always been a big focus for me. Trying to grow it longer, trying to make it healthier and trying to make it thicker. I’m not a natural blonde and turning it lighter has definitely taken its toll on the condition, at times making it pretty flat. I’ve put hundreds of hair products through their paces, so I was excited to find something that made a huge difference and on top of that didn’t cost a fortune!

I first discovered the new Head and Shoulders thick and strong range a few months ago and have been using it pretty much every week. I had no idea Head and Shoulders did anything else except anti-dandruff products, I was wrong!! I tried out the shampoo and conditioner (£4.99 each) along with the thickening treatment (£9.99). The shampoo and conditioner smell nice enough, they aren’t overly fragranced but that’s not what I’m looking for with this range! The bottles are huge so I definitely felt I was getting my moneys worth. The blowdrying stage was this collections time to shine, literally! My hair was so smooth and silky and I really wasn’t expecting that. I definitely noticed a big difference with volume, both roots and body. The range claims to protect and prevent damage at the roots so I felt good knowing that it wasn’t just a ‘quick fix’ volume products.

head and shoulders

The treatment was my favourite part. You pump this onto your scalp and massage it in when the hair is wet. It tingles and feels quite cold but to be honest I quite liked that because it felt like it was doing something! I’ve raved about products identical to this that are at least 3 times the price tag so for me it ticks all the boxes. If you don’t want to commit to the whole collection, I’d say that the treatment is a good place to start.

To watch it in action I’ve put it in a get ready with me video so take a look below and happy volumising! Don’t forget to subscribe too. Love Becky x


Get Ready With Me: Prom / Graduation

Glass slippers and pumpkins, well not quite but it is that time of year again. So many of you have been tweeting me asking about ideas for your prom! I’ve been to a couple of ‘black tie’ balls recently so I wanted to put together a fail-safe Get Ready With Me that will take you through from head to toe.

Going to a ball is always something that I look forward to for weeks. They are such special events, and I like the build up just as much as the event. I always try to put a bit of time aside if I’m going to a special party, and it means I can do the whole works in terms of getting ready.

black tie blog 2

Here’s a picture of me trying to look all sophisticated…if I can do it so can you hehe! I always use a mixture of drugstore products and high end so that I feel extra special. Here’s a sneaky peek of a few things I’ve pulled out to show you.

I’m obsessed with the Armani Luminous Silk foundation, which I discovered recently for a totally flawless finish. It comes with a higher price tag but in my eyes is so worth it for special events like this because I know it’s going to last. I save my bright lip colours for occasions when I’m pulling all the stops out, so I’ve used my Rimmel Apocalips for this look which is just so bright and so fab!

Grab yourself a cuppa and watch my video to get the full look. You can subscribe here too. Becky x