NEW Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40

foundation 1

Bobbi Brown has released the most gorgeous skin serum foundation and me along with some of you guys got to be a few of the first ones to get our hands on it. Make sure you read right until the end because I’m doing a really exciting giveaway for you all.

I’ve been a huge fan of Bobbi ever since I was growing up. I remember when I was little watching my mum use the beautiful black packaged products and saving up as soon as I was old enough to buy some of their makeup brushes. I’ve raved for the past few years about their hero corrector and shimmer block, so when I got the opportunity to meet some of you around the new launch I was so excited.


This was my makeup for my meetup in London last week and I want to talk about some of my favourite products from the range that they used. First of all my skin was prepped and primed. I have heard just about every blogger and beyond rave about Bobbi’s skincare, particularly the eye cream, so I was desperate to try it and see how it worked out for me and my combination skin!!


First up the Intensive Skin Supplement which smells beautifully of grape and felt quite soft and smooth when it went on. The Hydrating Gel Cream has to be one of my favourite products. The tropical grass extract smell is amazing and it just felt so light when it went on, but still gave me the moisture I really need on the numerous dry patches I seem to be getting. I actually think the £38.50 price tag is pretty cheap compared to others on the market that are really similar. Finally, the hydrating eye cream that every raves about. It’s packed with aloe vera which I’ve always found works really well to get rid of any blemishes, and it absorbs really quickly so it doesn’t leave your concealer runny.

foundation 1


Onto makeup and my base was the new Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40. It’s designed to be a blend between a serum and foundation so you get all the benefits of a serum with things like lychee and mushroom extract but also get the coverage of a foundation. I was really impressed with how good it was at correcting my skin which has been blotchy and red recently. It’s a medium coverage which you can build up if you want and comes in 16 different shades. It’s designed for normal to dry skin and is so lovely and moisturising, so I added a powder to take any unwanted shine away. I’m so excited for you guys to try this, it’s exclusive to John Lewis nationwide but you can get it online from from 2nd April.



To finish the look we used the Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer to get rid of any dark circles and then give a flawless finish, these are my favourite products out of the whole collection I’ve used so many pots up over the last few years. The staying power is really good and they don’t crease up, I think it’s safe to say this is my favourite concealer I own. Then we used one of the new brightening bricks. They are a bronzer, highlighter and blusher in one and I think will probably sell just as fast as the original shimmer bricks that everyone loved. On my lips we chose the Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in pale pink which doubles up as a cream blush too. I think this might be a little too bight for me when it comes to using it as a blush as I stick to nudes but for the lips it was just perfect.


To finish on the eyes we used the Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in karat to prime the lids and give a really nice base, followed with a mix of their gorgeous eyeshadows. I’ve included ‘wheat’ and ‘grey’ in this post which can also double up as powders to fill in your brows.

So now to the exciting part! I’m going to be giving away one of the grey eye shadows and the gorgeous lip and cheek pot. All you have to do is comment below and tell me which product from the range is your favourite. It was so lovely to get to meet some of you, and I really hope i’ll be able to do it again soon and meet even more of you! Becky x

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF40 £39 available here

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96 Responses to “NEW Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40”

  1. My favourite is the Bobbi Brown corrector- an essential for a student after a lot of late nights in the library!! Great post! X

    Lucy Muircroft March 19, 2015 at 1:07 pm
  2. Great post Becky! My fave Bobbi Brown product is the undereye corrector in Bisque! XO <3

    patricia presan March 19, 2015 at 1:08 pm
  3. The brightening bricks look absolutely beautiful, I can imagine you’re right and they will sell fast!

  4. Definitely the intensive skin serum foundation – I’m such a fan of Bobbi Brown base products. I wrote a little review of their BB cream on the blog only yesterday – really there are no words. Just beautiful products worth every penny. Loved reading your post xx

  5. I absolutely love the hydrating gel cream, it smells incredible and does what it says. It’s transformed my dry skin.
    All of the Bobbi Brown products that I have tried are amazing, the brand is one of my favourites.
    Perfect blog post again Becky, thank you!! Xxx

  6. Hi Becky, It was so lovely to meet you! I like that you have used our selfie in this post :) cant wait for your next meet up! My favourite product is the Long Wear Shadow Stick, I have added it to my wish list and it’s my next item to buy! Love xxx

  7. My favourite bobbi brown product is the serum foundation you mentioned. I was there at the meetup and I tried it and have fallen in love with it! Would definitely buy the full size! I hope you’re having a lovely day xxx

  8. Aww fab giveaway. I won £250 of Bobbi brown make up a few years ago with glamour magazine, I had to go to John Lewis & they did a make over & then I picked all the products I wanted. It was amazing :) my favourite products are the foundation stick & blush in pale pink xxx

  9. Hey becky!
    Every product looks beautiful!
    My favourite is the concealer!
    X Juul

  10. The cream eyeshadow stick looks lovely. And the colour is gorgeous. :)

    Lovely post Becky.

    Love from Germany,
    Franzi xxx

  11. such a nice post! beautiful content and pictures. My fave product of the range has to be the lip and cheek pot since I’m addicted to lip products and multipurpose stuff

  12. I love pot rouge! It was my first higher end make up purchase :)

  13. My favourite is the foundation! Works so well on my skin! X

  14. The serum foundation, of course, it sounds amazing!

  15. I love the serum foundation too. Fortunate enough to be at your meet up last week and get a sample. I’m booked to go back for a makeover and will be making a sneaky purchase of it methinks!! Well done Becky, meet up wad great and your channel and blog have been fab recently.

  16. My favorite product from the range is definitely the Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement Serum because if my face is not happy then I’m not happy. The Bobbi Brown makeup is absolutely gorgeous but taking good care of your skin and nourishing it is the first important step for me.Serums are so good for the skin and should be included in everyone’s routine.
    I love your blog Becky ^_^

  17. I actually haven’t been fortunate enough to try any of these products but the foundation sounds amazing!! Thanks Becky!

  18. My favourite is the corrector and concealer you can do so much with these 2 products and they are beautiful

  19. I really like the Long-wear cream shadows! They look really nice; Been watching your videos since like ever. Found you out from Fleur! You two are like the friendship goals! <3 xxx

  20. I really like the eye cream. Would love to try the brightening bricks. Love the pics.

  21. My favourite item is the intensive skin serum foundation in spf 40. It’s not often you get a foundation with such a high spf! I’m all about protecting my skin

  22. I love the corrector and the pink shimmer brick! Love your vids becky and was lovely to meet you at my meetup!

  23. I’m loving the new foundation. I have the foundation and think it’s flawless but I haven’t tried the lip and cheek pots would love to try one

  24. My favourite product is the brightening brick, I love multitasking products :)

  25. I love the lip and cheek pot! I love that you can use one product for two things! Bobbi Brown never disappoint with there ranges!
    Love your blog and your YouTube channel! And holly’s to :) me and my mum watch every week! X

  26. My favourite is the foundation serum it really is beautiful!

  27. Such a nice post Becky! Have to say your writing and the photos are so really lovely! My favourite product would have to be that gorgeous long wear cream shadow stick!

    Love you

  28. Such a nice post Becky! Have to say your writing and the photos are so really lovely! My favourite product would have to be that gorgeous long wear cream shadow stick!

    Love you

  29. Oh i think the lip and cheek pot looks lovely

  30. The pot rouge looks amazing! Would definitely brighten up my look for spring! Xx

    Rebecca wilson March 19, 2015 at 6:00 pm
  31. Love this post

  32. My favourite Bobbi product changes a lot, normally whatever I buy becomes the latest favourite! I love her shimmer brick and foundations! Recently I bought the pot rouge and love the colour and how it is a multi-purpose item. Most of all, I love that it is giving back to society! That has to be my favourite right now

  33. The long wear cream shadow stick

  34. Oh my god this range looks beautiful but i’d have to say I’m most intrigued about the skin serum foundation. Man, that looks nice. x

  35. Oh my gosh my love for Bobbi Brown is crazy haha, I loved the Hydrating gel cream as my skin needs a little work!
    P.s I love your blog hehe

  36. My favorite product from the range is the Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40 . :)

  37. I love the shimmer bricks there amazing! You can use them in so many ways! :-)

  38. I love the lip and cheek product as it’s 2 makeup essentials in 1! Which is so handy for travelling :D x

  39. I absolutely love your blog, youtube chanel, and Instagram, whenever I see a new post or video It always puts a smile on my face because I know for the next 10 minutes I’m going to be happy. I absolutely love the ‘Cream shadow sticks’ they are so pigmented and the colours are beautiful! If I am a winner I actually think I would cry with happiness! Fingers crossed! Thankyou for making me smile :)

    Holly Anderson March 19, 2015 at 6:08 pm
  40. I love the longest cream shadow sticks – I want them all

  41. I have used the boo I brown corrector and its my favourite under eye corrector/concealer. I would love to try more bobbi brown products x

  42. I love the long wear eye shadow stick, it makes doing eye shadow so easy!! Xx

  43. Oh my goodness, the shadow sticks look amazing!!

  44. The pot rouge is super pretty.

  45. I love the Skin Serum because it’s just so light on the skin and it doesn’t feel cakey at all just moisturising and it looks so natural

  46. I also love Bobbi Brown! My favourite product is the long wear gel eyeliner! This was the first product that allowed me to be able to apply eyeliner correctly. Amazing give away thank you!! Xxx

  47. My favourite is definitely, definitely the corrector! I have fair skin just like you except I have the misfortune of having the most purple rings around my eyes and I need something like this to perfect them. I always look like I’ve been in a fight! Great post, I love BB xx

  48. Hey, my staple items from Bobbi Brown are definitely the “pot rouge” lip and cheek, their corrector and also their tinted moisturizer. Overall i could buy everything from BB haha !

  49. Hi Becky!
    I’d love to try the new pot rouge for lips and cheeks! Love a good 2-in-1!
    Love you too

  50. Hey Becky!!
    I’m most excited about the Intensive Skin Serum foundation! I have combination skin so it’s hard finding a balance between something not too luminous or matte. This sounds perfect! I’m currently struggling through my A levels at sixth form to get into uni to read English, and am determined to break into into the journalism/ news sector like you! And as a reward after exams I’m going to Lisbon so I’ll have to check out the SPF 40 for that. Really enjoyed the post xx

  51. I would love to try some of the face oils and cremes.

  52. Love the cream shadow sticks

  53. The corrector and concealer to hide those early school mornings
    Hope I win
    Thank you lily

  54. The foundation looks a dream – although what Bobbi Brown product isn’t? I’d love to win as I lust over Bobby brown all the time!

    Love your blog! Keep it up

  55. Personally I am a huge fan of the long war creamy shadow stick. I’ve been eyeing it as I over all love this kind of shadow. It’s such a nice product to have and easy to work with! :)

  56. I haven’t tried any Bobbi brown products, but id say the concealer- it looks SO good!

  57. Creamy eye shadow and concealor

  58. The foundation sounds amazing I can’t wait to get my hands on it :)

  59. hey Becky great post!!! I love the Pot Rouges and have actually touched pan on my old faithfully calypso coral so would love to try this shade.

  60. If someone said to me I could only use one make up brand ever again it would hands down be Bobbi Brown. I have a lot of favourites so I’ve gone for the product that which for me is a staple – the corrector in light bisque. I like to experiment with other BB products but the corrector is in my face everyday without fail! It makes me look like I’ve had twice the amount if sleep that I’ve actually had, it prevents people commenting that I look tired or Ill and it takes just seconds to apply. If miracles exist, it’s in this small round pot!

  61. My favourite is definitely the Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer, a must-have to cover up those “i should have been in bed early but instead i watched youtube makeup tutorials till 2am” under eye circles!! xx

  62. Hi Becky!!
    My favourite product from the range is the full coverage face brush! I treated myself to it For my birthday and haven’t used another foundation brush since!! Love it and love Bobbi Brown!!!

  63. I love the cream shadow stick because eye shadows my favorite.

  64. That new foundation looks amazing!

    My favourite Bobbi Brown product is the foundation stick – you only use what you need and it leaves skin looking flawless.

  65. I think the whole range looks great. In my opinion the concealer and the corrector look amazing :-)

  66. Hi Becky! The lip and cheek pot look just perfect for spring

  67. I love the brightning bricks!

    Anne-Marie Whaley March 19, 2015 at 8:08 pm
  68. Hi Becky, the brightening bricks is def my favourite. So versatile!!!! Love it!!

    Take care!

    Angelica Lingmerth March 19, 2015 at 8:14 pm
  69. My favourite is the lip and cheek pot!

  70. My bobbi brown favourite is the shimmer brick in pink quarts! I love it!

    Sofie Henderickx March 19, 2015 at 8:21 pm
  71. I feel like you can never go wrong with a Bobbi Brown foundation. They have such a good range of shades too! I really want to try the foundation balm, but at the moment I use their stick foundation which is awesome for concealer too – a really good base for travelling with. Got to love those multi use products.

  72. The new shimmer brick sounds amazing!! bronzer, blush and highlight all in one?? YES PLEASE! :) xx

  73. Your skin looks flawless in pictures! This serum foundation will defiantly be on my list of things to try! My favourite product is the corrector it works wonders on my dark circles! Xxx

    Ashley Tierney March 19, 2015 at 9:04 pm
  74. I adore the Shimmer Bricks, they are such great quality. Winning this giveaway would be amazing OMG!! My Twitter username is @umitskieran xxx

  75. Hi gourgeous! For me the best is the concealer, oh my god, it is perfect! I hope in the future i can invest more in this brand. Kisses from Portugal ♥

  76. I loove the idea of mixing the serum and foundation together! I love that product. You have a very great blog Becky! Love all your channels! :)

  77. The eye cream and corrector are amazing

  78. I have never owned a bobbi brown product but would really love to try the concealer or the pencil eyeshadow ..anything that can help take off the years has got to be great .you can’t go wrong with any of the products ..lovely blog Becky ..can’t wait for your mum’s tomorrow xx

  79. The cream shadow stick is my fave!!

  80. I loved the sound of the cream eye shadow pencil! And the cheek product xx A gorgeous post too xx

  81. Hi Becky
    I haven’t tried it yet but I would love to try the serum foundation. Bobbi Brown’s products are so beautiful and you can tell designed by a real woman. Hope you have a great day!

  82. I would be excited to try the Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks… but also the long-wear cream shadow stick. I’m a huge fan of cream shadows! Just swipe on and go! Fantastic!
    Btw, great post!

    Kisses from Barcelona! :*

  83. Hi Becky!

    I cannot wait for the Intensive Skin Serum Foundation to hit South Africa. My dry skin could use it in our upcoming winter season. I also want to try the Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks because I always have creasing but I love shimmer eyeshadows too much not to wear them.



  84. Hi Becky! Great post! I have never tried any Bobbi Brown products as they are not widely available in my country. I am most curious about trying the Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick as I have extremely oily eyelids – so I am always on a market for trying products that can provide longevility and actually stay in place.
    Have a great day! Greetings from Poland!

  85. I would love to try the Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick’s as the colours look amazing! And the Intensive Skin Serum Foundation because it would be interesting to try out a serum based formula. I’ve always loved Bobbi Brown products :)

    Luna xx

  86. I love all of these products but my favourite would have to be the pot rouge for lips and cheek, and the intensive skin serum foundation.
    I love your videos :-)

  87. Hi lovely,

    I’ve never tried any Bobbie Brown products so I would be super excited to try any of them as you raved about them all so much. :-)

  88. Hope I’m not to late!! I would Love to try the new Foundation, very interesting product!! Xxxx

  89. Long wear cream shadow stick looks great..

  90. Aahhhh that foundation looks amazing!!! Need to try!
    Love reading your blog Becky :)

  91. Awesome post, Becky! I love Bobbi Brown’s tinted moisturizer. And really, I am so in love with BB’s Beach perfume (not sure if that counts!). I am so excited to hear about the new products. Yay! :)

  92. Hi Becky
    You look stunning in this BB intensive serum foundation, please could you tell me which shade you are in this? You look the same colouring as me and I’m thinking I will be needing the Warm Ivory and wondered if that was yours also?
    Fantastic review
    Ella xx

  93. It has to be the corrector and concealer for me. I bought it for my wedding in Zanzibar where it performed magnificently. It also works after late nights to hide those pesky dark circles. I honestly could not live without either of these.

  94. Purchased this foundation because my absolute favourite Bobbi Brown The Extra repair foundation has been discontinued. I am SO dissappointed !! The coverage is not the same , it does not have the glow the other one had ,. Its actually drying out on my skin and hi lighting lines (…I m in my early 40 s ). The dropper bottle is ridiculous and messy to use product already all over the top of it. .for me it s not doing what it says on the bottle at all. Bring back the other Bobbi Brown please !!

  95. Hi Becky
    Absolutely love the new serum foundation!! Every woman needs this

  96. When I used the Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer help my black circles it has help me do much to help this process of my black circles I don’t live home with it this is a favourite products of mines.

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