Get Ready With Me: The USA

My favourite part of doing YouTube is when I get to actually meet you guys and have lots of girlie chats and hugs! You’re awesome and are such an inspiration to me, so going to Vidcon this year in LA was top on my list to do because I’d never been! It was so great to be there and see lots of you at the meet up.

get ready la

I got to spend lots of time in the sunshine and packed my favourite products and outfits to wear each day! I thought it would be fun to film a video showing you how I get ready for an event like this. I want my hair looking good, my makeup to last all day so that we can take lots of selfies and an outfit that is going to be both comfy and cute! I hope you enjoy the video, there’s lots of sunshine! What’s your favourite thing to wear to an all day event? Did any of you guys meet me there? Don’t forget you can subscribe here! Love Becky x

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