Faking it: Bondi Sands Tan

go site It’s that time of year again, it’s getting warmer and all I can think about is getting out the summer clothes and hopefully having a bit of a (fake) tan to go with them! I’ve dabbled over the years with pretty much everything out there so I was really excited when I heard a new one was coming to the UK.

opzioni benarie di soli 1 euro bondi sands

http://revedecabane.com/?ower=miqoption&d40=61 Bondi Sands is already huge over in Australia. It was created by a couple of Aussies and getting straight to the point….you’re not going to smell like biscuits! One of my pet hates about tan is the fusty smell and this one has finally bucked the trend. It’s coconut scented so literally smells like cocoa butter. When I walk into my sisters room as she’s been using it I’m always asking her what body butter she’s got on and it’s this.

go The tan comes in both a lotion and a foam, so whatever texture you prefer they’ve got it covered. They also come in two shades, light/medium and dark. I usually use darker tans but the colour on the lighter one is enough for me at the moment. Come summer or nights out i’ll be reaching for the dark more and more. It’s really easy to apply, I had a few patches that needed blending but I get that with all tans. You need to leave it on for about 6 hours and then wash it off. I tend to do this overnight and sleep in dark clothes so it doesn’t ruin the sheets.

follow url This has fast become one of my new favourite tans, and at £14.99 it compares really well with the high end ones that I think it rivals.

http://hautplantade.com/?pemeb=opzioni-binarie-freestockcharts&2bb=28 The Bondi Sands range is available in Superdrug or online here.


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