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Inspired By Women

One of my favourite things to do is make myself a cuppa, settle down with my laptop, and read some of my favourite blogs and watch what’s going on in the beauty world. By the time I’ve reached the bottom of my cup I’ve usually splurged on some new beauty product. Today was different. It’s very rare that I’m left feeling completely fulfilled, inspired, determined and covered in goosebumps! That’s why I’m so excited to share something with you all about inspiring women, something very close to my heart.

Moroccanoil has teamed up with six amazing women to create a project called INSPIRED BY WOMEN™. You guys will probably know I’m already a huge fan of the brand, you can watch me raving about one of their hero products in this months faves video. So I was really excited to hear that such a huge brand was creating such an inspiring campaign. They are telling the stories of these women to inspire us and give us all the courage and determination to do something for the world – together.

inspired final

The difference one person can make is huge, when it’s happening all over the world those little ripples turn into good things right across the globe. A few years ago I decided to do just that and travelled to St Lucia to work with vulnerable women and children. I was living in a very deprived area and working at an orphanage on the island. The horrifying things I saw really affected me and after the first few days I didn’t think I’d be strong enough to carry on, but I did, and it changed me forever. Helping children and women that had gone through the most awful situations did two things. However small my help may have been, it made their lives a little better as we cared for them and tried to inspire them that life could get better. Secondly, it made me realise just how lucky we are in life. Whatever we are going through, someone else is much worse off, beyond what we can imagine, and I learnt to try to really appreciate and enjoy the things around me.

Roll on a few years and I’m sat with my tea ordering the latest lipstick that I’ve been waiting weeks to buy. It’s too easy to forget what’s really important in life and I want to thank Moroccanoil for reminding me what really matters and inspiring me to make change again. I want to share two videos with you that Moroccanoil has created. The first tells you about the project, the second is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s story who’s an ambassador for it. I want to ask you to join me in making a few goals. Whoever you are, whatever you’re doing, let’s follow these inspirational women and make a change. Whether it’s a project you’ve been putting off, volunteering, helping a friend out….together we can make a massive difference. Love Becky x




Beauty Blogging for Hello! Fashion

I’ve been wanting to share some really exciting news with you all for a while and now I can finally talk about it!!! A few weeks ago Hello! launched a brand new fashion magazine called Hello! Fashion. I was so excited when I found out about it because I’m already a huge fan of Hello! magazine and so having fashion and beauty in another is going to be such an amazing read! It’s packed full of things I know you are going to love!!

I was even more excited when they asked me to be their beauty blogger! Each week I’m going to post something new, packed full of beauty products that I hope you’ll enjoy! You can read my talkbeckytalk blog here, and check out the magazine website here. Make sure you follow @hellofashion_uk on twitter too so you get all the fashion and beauty news! You’re going to be able to buy the magazine today for £1 so make sure you look out for it!!! Tweet me a picture if you pick one up or tweet me your blog ideas to @talkbeckytalk because I want you guys to be able to get involved!

I want to say a massive thank you for all your support, without you I wouldn’t be doing things like this so I’m doing a little give-away for you! You can win a subscription to the magazine and then I’ve done something I think you’ll hopefully be excited about! Click on my September faves video which you can watch here and you can find out how YOUR video can be on Hello! Fashion!!!

I am so excited about this I could pop! Have an amazing Tuesday, and tweet me your selfie with the magazine! Loads of love xxxx


GET READY WITH ME: London Fashion Week

I was so excited to go to London Fashion Week for the first time this year and even more excited to take you along with me! In the second part of two videos I’ve put together a Get Ready With Me so you can recreate my outfit, hair and makeup.

samsung final

I got to go to the Amanda Wakeley show too which was just stunning. I actually filmed that on the new Samsung Galaxy Alpha which I’ve done a mini review of in the video too. My outfit included a Londali cuff, Rebecca Minkoff bag and a Miss Selfridge jacket. Did you go? What’s your favourite look that you’ve seen from LFW? Happy watching! Love Becky x



Simple Skincare: Skin Social

All throughout my teenage years and into my early twenties I suffered from bad acne. I lost so much confidence and over the years I’ve spent so much time trying to understand my skin and find the best products for it. So when Simple asked if I wanted to go along to one of their Skin Social workshops to learn about skincare I jumped at the chance!

I’ve always been a big fan of Simple skincare, over the years I’ve used their facewipes, toner and eye makeup remover as staples in my bathroom. So I was really interested to learn more about the products and my skin. Skin Social was set up to be a place where you can find more out about skin, and all the things you can do besides skincare to help it.

The story behind Skin Social is really nice too. It was set up with the help from people like you and I, people interested in skincare, along with Zoella and the help of vlogger Charlotte AKA PunkChyaz (who has the most beautiful hair!!!).

simple new2

The main thing I came away having leant was to keep my skincare as simple as possible. Their products and the ingredients in them live by this, hence the name Simple! Overcomplicating things can actually make skin worse! We also got to make our own yummy fruit water which I will definitely be recreating because drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Finally, we did a few little exercises and relaxation tips which is all really important for skin too.

simple new

I’ve picked out my favourite picks – the radiance facewipes, illuminating cream, spot zapper, BB balm, and hydrating light moisturiser. You can see most of them in action in my morning skincare routine here.


They’ve just recruited 4 interns to help make sure the site is packed full of fun new ideas too.

You can check out Simple’s Skin Social here on tubler or on the main website here. What’s your biggest skin problem? What do you do when you’re having a bad skin day? Love Becky x


Caudalie Skincare Range

Caudalie, Caudalie, Caudalie…what are you doing to me! I came across this skincare brand at Christmas (a little late to the party I know) and didn’t really know much about it. I tried one of their cleansing waters and loved it but didn’t really know much about the other products.

Then a few months ago I popped into their spa in Covent Garden for a facial and my love affair began. The story behind these products is so nice. They are all made from a vineyard in France using the crushed grapes when they have been used for wine. Grapes have so many anti-oxidants in them which explains why my skin has been looking and feeling so soft and radiant. Lots of you have been commenting that my skin looks better and I honestly think it’s this.

I’ve picked out my 3 hero products from the range. The first, the beauty elixir, is my favourite from the whole range. Blogs, makeup artists and celebrities have been raving about this and I was so desperate to try it. I’m not usually a fan of face sprays, I find them a little sticky and pointless but this has become my absolute staple! I’m so addicted I bought the mini so I could carry it in my handbag and it doubles up as a toner too. The spray smells of mint and is so refreshing and leaves my skin so soft. I have combination skin and I’ve noticed a huge difference in terms of the dry patches feeling far less flaky without leaving me feeling greasy. If you’re lazy like me with applying toners this will become your new best friend!


Next up is my go-to moisturiser, the Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid with SPF15. This has fast become a monthly favourite. First of all it’s matte in texture and literally melts onto your skin like a primer. It works like one too and smoothes out my skin instantly leaving it looking flawless. The smell is beautiful too. If you’re looking to try out their skincare, the the vinexpert and premier cru is for dry or mature skin, the vinoperfect range will suit combination and oily skin types and the vinosource range is for sensitive skin.


Finally last but by no means least, the divine scrub. The smell of this had me hooked from the moment I opened the pot. It’s scented with grapefruit, rose, cedar, vanilla and white musk. Absolute heaven! It’s made up of plant oils and brown sugar which make it a slightly softer body exfoliator which works if you’re not so keen on the ones that have bigger granules. It is a little thicker than some scrubs, so I add a bit of water and it turns into a milky consistency.


To top to off they’ve just opened a spa in Covent Garden London. Looks as though I better get saving! Have you tried the range? What’s your go-to skincare at the moment? Love Becky x


P.S. A huge thanks to all of you who retweeted my blog, here’s a big shoutout to @lukesamsowden @crazeycorey78 and @xCharliesAngel who are 3 of you who retweeted! x


MY MORNING ROUTINE: London Fashion Week

It’s that time of year again, London Fashion Week! Every time it happens my twitter feed is filled with gorgeous outfits, the best of the best comes out of everyones wardrobe and I get total outfit envy! So this year, I was so excited to be going to my first ever LFW!


In the first of two videos from London, I’ve put together my morning routine along with a really cute and easy hair braid. I’ve changed my skincare recently after going along to one of Simple’s Skin Social workshops to learn all about my skin. I suffered from acne as a teenager and still get spots now so it was great to learn so much! Happy watching! Becky x


Welcome to my TalkBeckyTalk blog!!

This is possibly the most exciting thing that’s happened for me this year. The TalkBeckyTalk blog is here! I have been so excited about telling you about this I could pop! I’ve been doing YouTube for the past few years and have wanted for so long to run a blog alongside it. So I finally took the plunge and have spent the last few months working hard to put this together for you guys! I was so excited to play around with it and wanted a place where we can all come together and chat and I can do a lot more in-depth product reviews for you all.

I’m a little nervous as this is pretty new to me so I’m really hoping you’re going to like it! Have a good look around and let me know what you think! You’ll be able to find out lots more about my TV presenting work that I do as my job and also some of the projects that i’m supporting.

2014 started off pretty badly for me and Holly so I’m determined to make it a much happier one over the next few months and you are all a part of that. So make sure you let me know what you think below and leave me a load of ideas telling me what you would like me to blog about! Are there any products that you’d like a review of or some specific things you’d like me to talk about? Thank you to each and every one of you for supporting me on this journey. Lots of love, Becky x


July Beauty Favourites!

It’s that time again, monthly favourites! I feel like I’ve found so many new products in July that I’m loving and am so excited to tell you about them! Perhaps not just a monthly favourite but a yearly favourite is definitely my new Caudalie Beauty Elixir.

I have heard so many people raving about this and now I know why. I’m just gutted I didn’t find this sooner! It’s the most beautiful face spray/toner that is made from elements of crushed grapes in France. It smells of mint and leaves your skin feeling so soft and refreshed. They also do a mini if you’re thinking of dabbling but don’t want the full size bottle!

july fave2

So enough of me, here is the video with all my other faves! Happy July! What’s been your favourite product this month? Don’t forget you can subscribe here! Love Becky x