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Roberts – Retro Radio Love Music makes my world go round, add a little bit of retro and I’ve found my perfect match! If you’ve watched my home tour videos you’ll know how my cottage is filled with all things shabby chic. So when I stumbled across this Roberts radio, it was love at first sight! I’d been looking for something like this for a while. I find it hard to get motivated some mornings and someone suggested I buy a radio to listen to first thing. This might sound a little exaggerated, but this radio has literally changed my life. I had no idea how much much has the ability to affect my mood, and now my mornings start so much better!

my website I picked this little beauty up online from John Lewis, but it’s available to buy in a number of other shops too. What I love about the Roberts range, alongside the nostalgia of the look, is the quality. The leather is so soft and stitched beautifully. The sound is so crisp and clear too. They come in a range of colours, so whatever colour scheme you’ve got going on they’ve got it covered! I’m obsessed with pastels and this light green features heavily throughout my cottage so it was a no brainer for me. They also do a few funky designs including dogs and union jacks.

binary options sell before expiry The price tag is pretty hefty, this one set me back £159, but in my opinion it was worth every pound. I know this will last me a lifetime and will travel from home to home, putting me in the best of moods when I wake up. So it seems music really does make my world go round, retro radio love indeed.


How To Get Thick Hair si guadagna facendo trading on line My hair has always been a big focus for me. Trying to grow it longer, trying to make it healthier and trying to make it thicker. I’m not a natural blonde and turning it lighter has definitely taken its toll on the condition, at times making it pretty flat. I’ve put hundreds of hair products through their paces, so I was excited to find something that made a huge difference and on top of that didn’t cost a fortune!

binary options 10 minute strategy I first discovered the new Head and Shoulders thick and strong range a few months ago and have been using it pretty much every week. I had no idea Head and Shoulders did anything else except anti-dandruff products, I was wrong!! I tried out the shampoo and conditioner (£4.99 each) along with the thickening treatment (£9.99). The shampoo and conditioner smell nice enough, they aren’t overly fragranced but that’s not what I’m looking for with this range! The bottles are huge so I definitely felt I was getting my moneys worth. The blowdrying stage was this collections time to shine, literally! My hair was so smooth and silky and I really wasn’t expecting that. I definitely noticed a big difference with volume, both roots and body. The range claims to protect and prevent damage at the roots so I felt good knowing that it wasn’t just a ‘quick fix’ volume products.

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see this page The treatment was my favourite part. You pump this onto your scalp and massage it in when the hair is wet. It tingles and feels quite cold but to be honest I quite liked that because it felt like it was doing something! I’ve raved about products identical to this that are at least 3 times the price tag so for me it ticks all the boxes. If you don’t want to commit to the whole collection, I’d say that the treatment is a good place to start.

click for more info To watch it in action I’ve put it in a get ready with me video so take a look below and happy volumising! Don’t forget to subscribe too. Love Becky x


Beauty products I’ve Used Up in 2014! Drum roll for the first ever Talk Becky Talk empties video! Over the last few months I’ve been putting aside the beauty products that I’ve used up in 2014 so that I can show you. Each month I talk through my favourite products, but to use one until it runs dry makes most of them front runners and my must-haves! Amongst my empties is a mix of skincare, hair products, perfume, foundation and of course lots of tea!

come funziona bdswiss com empties blog

Clicking Here Two of my picks are my daytime go-to foundation, my Chanel Aqua Vitalumiere and one of the Jo Malone perfumes. I swapped to this Chanel foundation about a year ago and am totally hooked. One of these will last around 4 months and i’m always hanging onto the last drop. Put simply, it’s like a second layer of skin. I like a medium coverage for the daytime and this ticks every box. Having combination skin can mean foundation slips off quickly, but this one sits nicely for about 6 hours. It’s a perfect finish between matt and dewy so doesn’t leave me looking shiny or too dry. I was so excited to try the Jo Malone perfume in elderflower, which I have to say is one of my favourites that has been released. It’s fresh, not too sweet, and lasts long enough to feel like i’m wearing more than a body spray! To find out what else I’m addicted to you can watch my video and don’t forget to subscribe here. Don’t forget to comment and let me know what you go through like there’s no tomorrow! Becky x